About Us

In the uncomplicated world we create in our imagination, there is no downside to holidays.

Until late in the day when we’re feeling tired and a little sunburnt, and it occurs to us that few, if any, cafes that hug the fragile coastline really cut the mustard.

They are either unnecessarily complicated and expensive or so fundamentally basic that the owner clearly loved life in the 1950’s. When everything came from a can.

Lacking is solid, well run cafes that sit fairly in the middle.

Those rare places that feel right regardless the time of day you visit. In board shorts or cashmere.

Ones that do classic standards for breakfast, when you’re happy to sit quietly alone.

Or cater for a noisy extended family, needing lunch for sixteen at a moment’s notice.

Good cafes are where we go to be ourselves . To live our life in all the forms our day takes.

Using fresh produce, simply prepared with loads of flavour.

Uncomplicated flavours.

When Bulli Cafe opened in October 2007 it never set out with lofty expectations.

But in his own quiet way, Benny and his 16 staff did something truly remarkable.

They delivered something the people of Spain have done for a long time.

They made people happy. They made them feel welcome.